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Granite Vs. Quartz

Simple explanation: Granite is a natural stone that is polished. Quartz is partially a natural stone mixed with man-made materials.

Today we get a question from Wayne over in Prosper, Texas, on what precisely is quartz compared to granite. The answer is straightforward. Quartz that is used for countertops contains quartz chips and blended with resin or concrete and then polished out. Quartz has been mined in Brazil primarily, so it’s a natural product.

It appears to be like a slab of granite. It feels like it’s 100% natural. However, it’s similar to a concrete polymer and quartz fused. The quartz is that little speck that’s shiny on the surface that you see, that’s what the quartz is. Everything else is filled in to create the structure for it.

It’s very dense in comparison to granite. Some assume that it’s impossible to stain because all of the manufacturers like CaesarStone, Silestone, LG Viatera, for a few, really push the advertising that it’s impervious to staining. They provide a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on it.

The reality is it’s relatively close to granite, as far as a Level One. You wouldn’t purchase quartz simply since you wanted maintenance-free. Nothing is maintenance-free. Quartz does stain. I’d buy quartz because I like the look of it. The look of quartz that people are using it primarily for and interior decorators is the European look, painted cabinets, really modern and contemporary. Not to say if you have a traditional home, you won’t be able to use it, however when it costs considerably more than granite, maybe it’s not worth it to you.
So take into consideration quartz as being the look I want to create rather than just being about, it’s going to be maintenance-free. I’m never going to stain it. The reality is that granite rarely gets stained.

So although you want to care for your granite, it’s natural-forming 100%, that means we cut the rock out of the quarry, and we polish it. Whereas quartz is a mined mineral then fused with resin. You will want to continue to care for your granite. However, you don’t have to worry about it. Purchase quartz because of the way it looks and the look you want to create. Don’t be afraid of granite; it’s a fantastic product. There’s no question about it.

granite vs quartz

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