Bathroom Countertops

Once upon a time a bathroom was referred to as a “water closet.” Today, the bathroom has come out of the closet and has become a room in its own right and a place for relaxation.

Stunning bathroom countertops add a distinct sense of quality to life. Gone are the days of pedestal sinks with no place to put a razor or apply makeup and plastic laminates that scream “construction grade.” Homeowners are feathering their nests to create an environment of enduring beauty.

Jubilee Company has created some of the most beautiful bathrooms in the greater Dallas area from Turtle Creek in the heart of Highland Park, to Frisco, Plano and McKinney.

We provide our customers with the highest quality materials and the highest quality customer service from selection, to fabrication, installation and follow through.

How to choose the right bathroom countertop

The selection of any countertop is important since a countertop is, after all, a work surface. If you want to go out in the day, get things done and make a powerful impression, it is so much easier when you start out in an environment that already has these qualities built in. You can empower yourself by creating an empowering environment around you.

Bathroom countertops should first of all be able to deal with moisture. Lots of water gets splashed around a sink by children and adults. Then there’s makeup and cleaning supplies. A granite, soapstone or quartzite countertop guarantees durability. And if not neglected, marble, travertine, limestone or sandstone can also provide a stunningly beautiful place from which to start each day.

Children or messy adults could quickly mar softer stone. So if that is the case, go with granite, soapstone or quartzite… or an engineered quartz. If you are on a tight budget, there are also a wide range of “Solid Surface” choices that will get the job done efficiently and hygienically. But that’s not all.

Jubilee has an extensive remanant yard chock full of smaller pieces of natural stone — the perfect size for a bathroom countertop. Come visit and browse our remanants where you can pick up a magnificient piece of granite or other natural stone at a significant savings.

Softer stones require sealing and regular upkeep — such as wiping up spills immediately. Bathroom cleaners, hair coloring, makeup, perfumes and colognes can cause staining or etching. Don’t forget that bathroom sinks are sometimes used to clean up hands after working on greasy motors, painting rooms or model cars.

In our huge 12,000 sq foot indoor showroom, we have bathroom vignettes already put together to help our customers navigate the many choices that lay before them. It’s one thing to “think” about these choices while looking at a color chip, it’s another when you can see each choice — actual bathrooms in three dimensions standing right there before you. This will give you a better idea and help you find what you are looking for.

Help from our experienced design consultants is also free! We are here to answer questions. Jubilee also provides bathroom mirrors, shower enclosures, hardware, acrylic tubs and more — all of which are on display in our massive air-conditioned showroom.

When the work is all done, you’ll feel great knowing that the bathroom countertop you chose from Jubilee was the perfect selection for the job.

The reward of doing something right is pleasure. Our mission is to provide you with beautiful and functional improvements to your residence or workplace that will be a source of pleasure for many years to come. With thousands of satisfied customers across the greater Dallas area, we stand ever more committed to these values.


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