Concrete Countertops

Jubilee Company does not provide concrete countertops because concrete is terrible material for countertop use. It is porous, easily chipped and inevitably develops unsightly cracks. We know… we are the guys who have to haul them out of people’s kitchens and heft them into a dumpster. Piece by piece.

A key ingredient of concrete ground limestone — which itself is prone to cracking.

Engineered quartz or engineered marble is a much better choice — and it can even be made to mimic the look of concrete while providing benefits that are far superior. Nothing can match engineered quartz for its strength,  durability, stain or scratch resistance. It is far, far, far more flexible and impact resistant than concrete as well. It also better withstands temperature differentials — such as when a hot pan is put directly onto the surface.

That’s why we say “engineered quartz makes a better concrete countertop than concrete does.” Faux concrete countertops made of engineered quartz can be produced in any color. It’s eco-friendly, naturally germ resistant and deters mold and mildew.


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 Jubilee Company fabricates and installs beautiful quartzite countertops in DFW. We stock, mill, and install custom all varieties of natural stone kitchen countertops. If you’re remodeling, renovating, or building a custom home we offer one of the largest selections of on-site slab inventories for DFW residents with hundreds of slabs in more than 70 varieties of natural and engineered stone to choose from. Our fabricator-direct advantage includes installation by highly-skilled professionals.