Marble Countertops

Marble is a stone that starts out as sediment at the bottom of an ocean. Fish die, coral dies, microscopic animals die, and the remains from trillions of marine organisms collect at the bottom over thousands of years, building up into thick strata of limestone.

Over time, high pressures and high temperatures compress and cook this sedimentary limestone, eventually to transform it at a crystalline and molecular level. The result is what geologists call “marble.” Impurities, when present, color the stone and form an enormous variety of swirls and veins of contrasting hues.

Rainforest Green marble slab on display at Jubilee’s indoor showroom containing more than 70 selections of natural, engineered stone.

Ancient civilizations including the Greeks made extensive use of marble as a building material from columns, to floors, walls, roofing, and of course in art.

Today, marble’s exceptional beauty makes it a popular choice for countertops, vanities, floors, foyers, fireplaces, walls and windowsills. Care for marble as you would preserve a fine wooden finish. Use of drink coasters, and cleaning up spills will preserve marble’s elegant translucence.

Detail of Rainforest Green marble slab that can transform any kitchen or countertop.

When starts out in the mountainous regions all over the world, from Italy to the USA and Canada. It is cut into 40-ton blocks and then milled into slabs weighing roughly 1,000 pounds each. From these slabs, we cut marble and then fabricate it to meet your needs.

For many years, we have provided countertops fabricated from marble slabs selected in person by our customers. Each job is planned to put the natural veining and color features of each slab to their best use. We also provide a selection of incredible finishes and edging. When our work is through, the original marble slab will have been converted into a work of breathtaking natural beauty.

Close up of mind-blowing Rainforest Brown marble slab.

Slab of Rainforest Brown marble is another color you can see in our showroom.


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