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Kitchen and Bath Tile Center

Visit our Free Tile Design Center

Massive display of our 60 removable design panels. Take any of these off the wall and walk back into our indoor slab yard where you can see how any particular tile design will look juxtaposed with the natural stone slab that will become the centerpiece of your home!

In our new Tile Design Center, we have more than 60 removable design boards that are mounted so that you can take them off the wall and carry them back to our indoor slab yard to match colors and get a firm idea on how any particular design might look with a given slab for perfect visualization.

With hundreds of tile styles to choose from, we can help with custom designs, too. Our tile varieties include hundreds of the latest styles plus retro styles that are currently in vogue across DFW including natural stone, porcelain, glass and more.

See our onyx and glass tile!

Marble and quartzite tile!

Marble, metal, porcelain, and pebble tile!

Travertine, pebble and slate tile!