Granite in Frisco, Texas

The city of Frisco, Texas is such a new creation you might be hard pressed to find a home not centered around an impressive granite countertop. And when compared to the home layouts from generations ago, that is a sure sign of a seismic shift in modern building attitudes.

Blueprint of Modern Thinking

Greater Frisco is nothing if not a product of modern thinking. The city began as a watering station for steam engines along the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway. Paying homage to its roots, “Frisco City” was founded in 1904 and for the next 100 years it remained a small town suburb amid quiet pastures and acres of farmland. And there was nary a granite counter top to be found. Ceramic tile and even Formica, however, were plentiful.

But all that changed with turn of the millennium. From 2000 and 2015 Frisco’s population exploded from 33,000 people to 146,000. Practically overnight, idyllic pastures were replaced by thousands and thousands of new homes designed according to a new way of thinking.

Rethinking the American Home

Unlike homes built in the ‘50s and ‘60s (and earlier) these new Frisco homes were truly centered about the kitchen. “Open layout” was the order of the day. Earlier design attitudes were all about partitioning various functions off from each other. Food preparation was partitioned from spaces used for general living or entertaining guests. Families relaxed in the den. The living room was for receiving guests. Children played in their rooms. Thankfully, the “everything in it’s own place” idea was finally abandoned in the junkyards of time.

In Frisco, a new idea caught on. Instead of being function centered, they built homes that were relationship centered. Houses were built to preserve the pivotal relationships of family members and parents, placing everyone together instead of walling everyone apart.

“Alaskan White” granite is a popular style in Frisco. See it in person
along with dozens more magnificent styles in Jubilee’s huge indoor slab yard.

The Heart of it All

And when we say pivotal relationship, who is really more pivotal to a family than mom? Generally speaking, she has always been the kingpin or perhaps we should say “queenpin,” of the home. Historically, the husband went off to work. Kids went off to school or went outside to play or attended their chores on the farm. All the while mother prepared the meals that brought everyone together in one place at one time. It is the mother’s job to bring each child into the world, an epic challenge in itself. It is the mother around which everything in the family world revolves.

Meals and meal preparation have always gone hand in hand with family life. Thankfully society realized this was one function that should NOT be partitioned off in its own room. Meal preparation is not a satellite activity, but the core of family living.

Our Mission

That’s why every penny spent to enhance life around the kitchen is really an investment in the quality and health of family life. And perhaps that is why Frisco went from a peaceful pastures and rolling farmland, to the fastest growing city in America for ten years straight (2000 to 2009).  

Thousands and thousands of homes received thousands of granite slabs from quarries all across the world. And the Jubilee Company was there.

Jubilee has always been an easy drive to the east from Frisco. The route is not only free of maddening crowds and Dallas traffic jams, but today Jubilee offers something really no other countertop fabricator provides: direct visual display of more than 70 varieties of granite and natural stone slabs. Our spacious indoor showroom is designed for you. Here you can see not only dozens of different types of stone, but also different finishes so you know what you are getting without having to play a guessing game.

A 1,000-Pound Snowflake

When you design your home (or upgrades for your home) you don’t have to select what you want from a picture. You can stand in front of the very slab that will go into your home. There’s really no other way to do it effectively since a granite slab is kind of like a 1,000 pound snowflake — some of them are similar, but no two are exactly identical.

You might be surprised at the number of differences a trained eye can find in two similar pieces of the same kind of granite.

Of course Jubilee provides Frisco with much more than just granite. Granite is by far the favorite, but not everyone wants the favorite. And so we provide a huge selection of marble, soapstone, sandstone, travertine, limestone and even slate. In short, Jubilee provides Frisco with more different varieties of granite and natural stone countertops than anyone else in the business. And we’re just minutes away — and even open on Saturday from 9 to 2.

Closeup shot showing beautiful detail in our “Alaskan White” granite.

An Enduring Legacy

When you consider any company, you have to ask what do they really bring to the table?

In the case of Jubilee, we bring the table itself. And it’s made of some of the most beautiful 250-million-year-old granite you’ve ever seen. Talk about “grounding” and being “connected with the earth,” name anything in a home that is more connected with the earth than a slab of granite after it has been worked over by our artisans to bring out the deep luster, color and beauty of the building blocks from which our entire planet has been created.

Those in the know, from Forbes to CNN, have repeatedly hailed Frisco as one of the best places to live in the United States. And what that really means is that Frisco is a great place to raise a family. Thousands of them flourish in neighborhoods across the city, with busy parents and children coming together at mealtimes to catch up, reconnect and exchange the thoughts that are the very stuff from which families are made. That’s the ground zero of family life and the true value of the 1,000 pound snowflake known as a granite countertop.

2 cm Edges

2 cm 3/8 Radius Waterfall

2 cm Demi Bullnose

2 cm Full Bullnose

2 cm Standard Bevel

2 cm Straight Polish

3 cm Edges

3 cm Radius Waterfall

3 cm Demi Bullnose

3 cm Full Bullnose

3 cm Standard Bevel

3 cm Straight Polish

4 cm Edges

4 cm Radius Waterfall

4 cm Demi Bullnose

4 cm Full Bullnose

4 cm Bevel

4 cm Straight Polish


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