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Jubilee's Granite Slab Yard

What do stone slabs have in common with snowflakes? No two pieces are exactly alike. Especially when you get into the more varied varieties, every single piece of stone is different. The only accurate way to ensure you get the stone that you want is to see it with your own eyes.

Providing Dallas’ largest onsite granite slab selection

Update: 70 stone slabs now on display indoors!

Jubilee offers perhaps Dallas’ largest selections of stone slabs. The quantity varies, but we rarely have fewer than 50 slabs to chose from. And for smaller jobs we have a huge selection of remnants!

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Onyx
  • Slate
  • Soapstone
  • Quartz
  • Sandstone
    and more!

This exquisite granite style is called “Revelations” and it’s easy to see why…
an ideal choice for your Plano granite counter tops!

Select Your Granite Slab in Person

Texture and luminosity of crystalline granite is something that a photograph really cannot reproduce. Reproductions of photographic images are nearly always inaccurate in color and moreover, every piece of granite is unique. There are really no two pieces of stone exactly alike. Thus your granite slab is something any Plano resident should select in person — not from a photograph or tiny stone sample.

Largest Indoor Slab Yard 

Jubilee established one of the largest indoor granite slab yards of any area fabricator as a matter of practicality, knowing that selecting a natural stone countertop is best done in person by examining the actual slab of stone that will go into your home. Only in this way can you be sure that everything will be exactly as you want it to be.

This close up shot shows the unique “brushed” finish on this incredlble stone slab.
See it and 70 other styles in our showroom just minutes from Plano.