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Every year, homeowners throughout Carrollton, Texas contact Jubilee to help enhance the quality of their home life with kitchen and bathroom countertops. Jubilee Company fabricates and installs granite and natural stone countertops throughout Carrolton. Our air-conditioned showroom is a straight shot just down the tollway on US Route 380 which puts our indoor slab yard displaying 70 varieties of granite and natural stone slabs just minutes away from wherever you live in Carrollton, Texas.

A great many of the countertops comfortably ensconced within thousands of Carrollton homes were brought to the city via railroad—the same Industrial Age phenomenon that really brought Carrollton to life as a city. It was the 1880’s arrival of the steel rail that transformed this tiny village into a bustling center shipping grain, cotton, and cattle to all points north, south, east, and west. Today, in addition to DFW airport, no less than four railroads intersect in Carrollton—the Katy, St. Louis-Southwestern, St. Louis-San Francisco, and the Burlington-Northern.

Heritage of Courage

Before the railroads arrived, Carrollton was a much smaller affair, strictly agricultural. In this, it was similar to the Illinois city for which this settlement was named, to wit Carrollton, Illinois. It happened like this: several of the original landholders who homesteaded this Texas region (displacing the original Caddo, Wichita, and Tonkawa Indians) were a group of families from Carrollton, Ill. Their English lineage had received a strong transfusion of American independence exemplified in the very name of their Illinois settlement.

You see, the name Carrollton opens a fascinating chapter in history reaching back to the very ink on the Declaration of Independence. American hero and Maryland Senator, Charles Carroll, was still living when Carrollton, Illinois was named in his honor in 1821. At the time of his death in 1832, he was the last surviving signatory of the Declaration of Independence. But to really understand the honor we place in these men who signed our Declaration, you have to appreciate what each man risked by appending his name to a writ of open revolt from the empire of King George III.

If America in its war for Independence, failed to defeat England, the most powerful military force on earth, the Declaration of Independence would have become a de facto death warrant for every person whose signature appeared on it. Although Charles Carroll was one of the wealthiest men in America at the time, his was a common name, so he took gutsy care to identify himself explicitly by adding “of Carrollton” following his signature on the Declaration, literally baring his chest and thumbing his nose at death. “Carrollton” was the well-known estate in Maryland given to Charles by his father.

Today Charles Carrollton’s bronze visage is enshrined within the United States Capitol, gazing upon visitors in perpetuity. From this day forward, whenever you utter the name “Carrollton,” remember the fearlessness and integrity beholden to that name, for these are the qualities bequeathed to every citizen of Carrollton by the original families who lived and plowed its soil.

The Story of Webb’s Chapel

But Illinois wasn’t the only state to send pioneers to Carrollton. When the first few families arrived in 1842 to homestead this Texas landscape, among them was Isaac and Mary Webb hailing from Missouri. A couple of years later, they volunteered their home for Sunday services. Their 18 ft x 18 ft log cabin (which was located about two blocks north of present day I-635) became known locally as Webb’s Chapel. The territory’s founding venue for community worship is today honored by the prominent Carrollton road of the same name.

Perhaps the next time you drive down Webb’s Chapel Road, you might say a little prayer for Isaac and Mary Webb… and their little daughter Alice. Sadly, in 1847, the churchyard of Webb’s Chapel became a cemetery when the Webb family lost their beloved seven-year-old daughter to illness. Today, Alice and her parents, along with many other frontier families of North Texas and their descendants, rest in historic Webb’s Chapel Cemetery with granite monuments to mark the grace of their lives and the sweat, tears, and love they infused into this hollowed ground.

The Ink of History

Drawing from its namesake signatory on the Declaration of Independence, Carrollton is a city for the independent by the independent. Known for its numerous city parks, excellent schools, safe neighborhoods and high standard of living, this city ranked as one of the best for young families and first-time homebuyers. One thing that contributes to that high quality of life is the predominate use of granite in thousands of Carrollton homes.

When you look at a piece of granite, you are looking at something that is very, very old—250 million years or more. By its sheer age and polished beauty, granite provides a natural connection to the past and bequeaths a healing sense of timelessness in an all-too-impermanent world. In architecture, ancient materials are often used to bring out a sense of connection by reminding us of that which never ends. Is love eternal? We invite you to contemplate that question while gazing into a translucent matrix of stone. Thus, in the same way that beautiful combinations of texture and aged building materials showcase the character of a city like Carrollton, they also enhance the timeless quality at the center of home life.

Like snow flakes, no two families and no two granite slabs are ever exactly alike. With the huge variety of natural stone Jubilee provides, every family can find a style to befit their unique personality. And that’s why the only appropriate way to purchase granite is by visiting our 12,000 square-foot indoor showroom where you can see it all, and select from not just small specimens, but stand before the entire 1,000-pound slab from which Jubilee will fabricate your unique countertops. What style of stone really speaks to you?

With dozens of stone colors, textures, patterns and finishes available for Carrollton residents, it becomes that much easier to choose a style that will compliment the architecture of your home and the unique personality of your Carrollton Clan. Whole families come to Jubilee because of our broad spectrum of natural stone slabs (one of the largest of any DFW fabricator) to augment their home decor. We are open on Saturday from 9 to 2 just for that reason.

Stone Art

Granite is the champion of stone countertops due to its low-maintenance and stain-resistant qualities. But Jubilee has many other alluring selections on display (in a variety of complimentary finishes) including quartzite, slate, travertine, limestone, sandstone, soapstone and marble. Today, more and more Carrollton homeowners are venturing outside the granite box to create with unique varieties of stone like our many varieties of limestone, soapstone and marble. They’re all on display in our air-conditioned slab yard, just minutes from any home in Carrollton.

And today, we don’t just do kitchen and bathroom countertops, but we make fireplace surrounds, entire walls, and even install veined granite, quartzite, marble, and other natural stone as architectural art in living rooms and other high impact locations throughout the home. See our page on Granite as Art.

Enduring Legacy of Stone

There are no less than 15 separate cities in 14 states (two in Indiana) all sharing the Carrollton name. But things are bigger in Texas, and Carrollton, Texas is the largest of them all with more than 120,000 unique residents. A common denominator about the people of Carrollton and the granite countertops Jubilee fabricates and installs there, is that no two are exactly alike. Natural stone countertops are graded into five levels, with the higher numbers assigned to more varied, unusual and exquisite examples of pattern and color. Our Level 3 and Level 5 designs are like jewels for your home which explains the new trend showcase them as architectural art. At Jubilee, we like to think this has at least a little something to do with why Carrollton has been so frequently proclaimed an ideal place to live. When you couple exceptional economic strength and high quality of life with a small-town feel the result is one of DFW’s most friendly, safe and inviting places to live. And while granite countertops play only a small part in Carrollton’s high quality of life, you would be hard-pressed to find a single neighborhood in Carrollton that lacks granite countertops supplied by Jubilee.

Charles Carroll of Carrollton would be astonished if he could see the Texas city that carries his name. But most of all it would amaze him to visit the homes and see the ultimate results of the sacred Declaration he risked his life to sign almost 250 years ago. And for our part, Jubilee would be proud of the small role we play by providing countertops about which family members congregate, coffee is brewed, meals are shared, and children grow. Each granite, marble or natural stone countertop we place in Carrollton is an opportunity to take another home to a higher standard of quality, permanence and enduring beauty.

Our granite bathroom countertops add a touch of elegance bearing silent witness to thousands of little faces brushing their teeth, young girls perfecting the art of makeup, and young boys endlessly checking their biceps and abs. We also provide the bathroom mirrors that reflect the grand transformation of human life over time.

It’s been said that the individual is never really alone and perhaps this is true. With its deep crystalline matrix on full reveal, properly polished natural stone becomes an open window into the soul of Mother Earth. Would it please Her to see us looking in? And that by our industry have human hands brought up from the ground, cut, and polished to uncover Her beauty, a sublime elegance wrought in Eternity?

Whether polished stone as a portal is something real or mere fantasy, it doesn’t hurt to wonder if something or someone ancient and loving might be there to celebrate our triumphs and comfort us in our pains, reminding us even in our darkest moments that the anguish we feel, even as for the loss of little seven-year-old Alice Webb, is but a momentary blip in the multi-million-year lifespan of the granite face that catches our tears as they fall.

2 cm Edges

2 cm 3/8 Radius Waterfall

2 cm Demi Bullnose

2 cm Full Bullnose

2 cm Standard Bevel

2 cm Straight Polish

3 cm Edges

3 cm Radius Waterfall

3 cm Demi Bullnose

3 cm Full Bullnose

3 cm Standard Bevel

3 cm Straight Polish

4 cm Edges

4 cm Radius Waterfall

4 cm Demi Bullnose

4 cm Full Bullnose

4 cm Bevel

4 cm Straight Polish


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