Granite in Allen, Texas

It’s not just our incredible selection of granite countertops that makes Jubilee Company the go to place for Allen homeowners wanting to remodel or upgrade kitchens or bathrooms. We built our business by offering advantages that set us apart from every other competitor in the DFW area including in-house control of quality, service and value because we are the fabricator.

Every countertop we install has been custom made by our fabrication department from templates made on the job site by our knowledgeable and experienced installation staff. Our templates are accurate down to the millimeter so that each countertop fits “like it was grown in place.”

But having more than 70 varieties of natural stone does not mean we have only 70 styles to choose from, since no two pieces of granite are exactly identical. We offer a wide range of finishes and edge treatments all produced by hand. Granite is a product of nature so finding the slab that is right for you is a matter of seeing each slab with your own eyes.

With more than 14,000 homes in Allen, we are unique in that we stock the greatest selection of granite, natural stone and engineered countertops in the area, making it easy to find a unique combination of style, finish and edge treatment.

As one of the only granite fabricators in the greater Allen area, our in-house controls are crucial to achieving a standard of installation perfection. We have perfected the combination of computer automated digital precisi

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Countertop Materials Show & Tell

Jubilee’s Allen customers also benefit from our strong relationships with Texas finest distributors of natural stone. This network assures Allen homeowners of a staggering number of selections of natural stone all of which are on display just a few miles down the road in our clean, comfortable 12,000 sq. foot indoor showroom. With some 70 stone slabs and color selections to choose from under one roof and in our remnants yard, customers can find the right slab at a great price for virtually every taste. Having the largest selection in our showroom saves you time and money, and avoids any guesswork.

Granite in Allen, Railroad Connection

Allen’s original township was situated along the Houston & Texas Central Railroad line, extended through the Dallas area in 1872. This line linked the most prosperous port in North America (Galveston) with nationwide distribution through St. Louis, Missouri.

Thus Allen, Texas was really a daughter of the railroad. But what many Allen residents don’t know is that one of the first railroads in America was created to haul granite from quarries in Massachusetts to a river three miles away where it was floated to other destinations. Today, Jubilee showcases granite from quarries from all over the world, many shipped by rail.

To compliment our fabricator-direct advantage of our granite department, Jubilee Company is also a certified fabricator for several selections of engineered quartz and engineered marble. Manufacturers such as Caesarstone, Silestone, and Vicostone have awarded Jubilee their stringent certifications. Jubilee is also recognized by leading Solid Surface Manufactures such as Corian, Wilsonart, and Staron with Fabrication.

Granite Convenient to Allen, Texas

Jubilee’s 12,000 sq. foot showroom features more than 70 styles of granite countertops all under one climate controlled roof. And because we are located at 2160 W Princeton Dr. (Hwy 380) we provide a smooth commute vs. fighting your way into and out of Dallas traffic.

Jubilee Company has products in houses throughout all 27 square miles of Allen. In addition to natural and man-made countertops, Jubilee also provides an enormous selection of related products including bathroom mirrors, backsplash tile, vanity tops, under-mount sinks and tubs which makes us a true one-stop-shop to save you time.

Allen’s Largest Granite Selection

You simply can’t imagine the stunning range of granite color and patters that are available at Jubilee Company… until you stand in our showroom. As you walk our extensive gallery of more than 70 slabs of natural stone, you will see some varieties that will simply astonish you. We have countertops that look like swirling galaxies in space. We have countertops that look like slabs of chocolate. We have countertops that simply defy description!

“Lapidus” granite is a one of our on-site styles sure to wow any visitor to your Allen home. See it in person
along with dozens more magnificent styles in Jubilee’s huge indoor slab yard.

Closeup shot showing beautiful detail in our “Lapidus granite.

Granite’s crazy extremes of color and pattern, plus its exceptional hardness are the reason “granite” is virtually synonymous with natural stone countertops. Features include,

  • Hardness rated at “7” where diamond is a “10”
  • Resists heat
  • Resists scratches
  • Resists stains
  • Resists mold and mildew
  • Complements any architecture and interior color palette
  • Adds enduring value of your home

Installing a new kitchen countertop is one of the most dramatic ways to express your unique sense of style.

Granite is so durable that the right countertop is very likely to be the last countertop you’ll ever need. Granite resists many of the problems common to other forms of natural stone including wear, cracks, scratches and chipping.

When you build with natural stone you are bringing something into your home that is millions and even billions of years old. People feel more grounded in a home built with natural stone because of it’s connection to mother earth. Come out to Jubilee and see our incredible selection for yourself.

Another version of Lapidus granite on display in Jubilee’s 12,000 sq foot indoor showroom. If you compare
this slab with the one above, you can see how much variation there is between slabs even of the same type!

2 cm Edges

2 cm 3/8 Radius Waterfall

2 cm Demi Bullnose

2 cm Full Bullnose

2 cm Standard Bevel

2 cm Straight Polish

3 cm Edges

3 cm Radius Waterfall

3 cm Demi Bullnose

3 cm Full Bullnose

3 cm Standard Bevel

3 cm Straight Polish

4 cm Edges

4 cm Radius Waterfall

4 cm Demi Bullnose

4 cm Full Bullnose

4 cm Bevel

4 cm Straight Polish


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 Jubilee Company fabricates and installs beautiful quartzite countertops in DFW. We stock, mill, and install custom all varieties of natural stone kitchen countertops. If you’re remodeling, renovating, or building a custom home we offer one of the largest selections of on-site slab inventories for DFW residents with hundreds of slabs in more than 70 varieties of natural and engineered stone to choose from. Our fabricator-direct advantage includes installation by highly-skilled professionals.