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Jubilee's expert installers putting in a granite countertop in a Dallas home.

There’s a rule in carpentry — “the walls are never straight” — which applies equally well when installing granite countertops. Therefore, the first step is for our installation experts to create a custom corrugated template using hot glue which exactly matches the existing walls of your home.

That corrugated template becomes the pattern we use to fabricate granite countertops so they fit your home perfectly. The seams line up precisely. There are no “gaps” or errors. It’s a process that Jubilee has mastered over the years.  

In addition to the normal alignment discrepancies of walls, countertops are normally off. One end will be higher than the other. Or the midpoints will be higher or lower than other points. Of course granite is not at all flexible thus we build up low spots on the supporting cabinets so that the final base supporting the granite is flawlessly level and will evenly support the weight of a granite countertop.

Fabrication of your granite countertop is done through a combination of modern CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) technology and old-world hand craftsmanship. Utilizing the latest avanements in diamond tooling cooled and lubricated by a modern water recycling system, your granite countertop is cut, edged and polished to insure a perfect fit and a smooth, brilliant luster.

Our fabrication personnel are trained and supervised to deliver an on-time, top quality product. In-house quality control assures our installation team the opportunity for complete successful installation.

Edging and polishing are done by hand by our team of trained stone artisans using very fine grits that produce a mirror-like sheen. It is the crystalline structure of your granite countertop itself that takes on this sheen, not a liquid wax or chemical that is applied to the surface. Therefore the finish will not fade nor dull with time.

For example, in the old days, cars were made glossy by applying a layer of wax to the surface of the paint. But because it was a soft finish, this wax “wore out” after a few weeks outside and so the car lost it’s luster. If you’ve ever seen a dull granite countertop, this is sometimes the cause: the actual glossy polish was never actually put into the crystalline structure of the stone. The process was just taken to an “almost done” or “pretty good” then a liquid wax was used — just like on a car — to achieve the final gloss that was there when the granite countertop was new.

However it is true that any natural stone will benefit from proper maintenance which includes periodic sealing. But of course that process works best when a stunning mirror-like finish has already been worked into the surface of the granite countertop. It’s just a matter of continuing the process a little longer to truly and properly finish out the slab.

Short circuiting the production process is one of the liabilities of purchasing mass-produced or “prefab” granite vs. hiring Jubilee to do the job right. We don’t take “shortcuts” with any granite countertop. The best way to do something is never the cheapest or easiest way to do it. We want the job done right because our reputation depends on it. We won’t let you down.

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Jubilee Company is committed to helping you through the natural stone selection process... from start to finish! If you're looking for a granite countertop in Dallas, then Jubilee is the right choice. Call (972) 529-2140 today to learn more. We stock, fabricate, and install granite countertops, tabletops, islands, and much more. If you’re building a custom home, remodeling, or renovating we offer one of DFW's largest on-site slab selections and inventories with more than 70 varieties to choose from in our 12,000 sq foot indoor slab showroom. As the manufacturer, our fabricator direct advantage includes installation by highly-skilled professionals.

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