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How To Keep Your Existing Tile Backsplash

This simple guide will help you understand the process of keeping your current backslash

Let’s talk about keeping your existing tile backsplash.

We have a few jobs each month were clients who would like to keep their tile backsplash. The primary reason is they just love it! The color is perfect, or the tile is discontinued, and they can’t get it anymore.

Another reason to keep the tile backsplash is to save some money, I know pretty obvious.

Whatever the reason, we are going to ensure you get the result you want.  Unfortunately, there are times where we are not able to keep the current backsplash due to reasons out of our control. Let me explain.

There are two main factors in this process.

The current countertops have to be removed very carefully without breaking any of the tiles. This procedure is very problematic and likely to have some sort of damage. Also unlikely that you have any extra tile from when somebody first installed. So if something breaks are is damaged, you are out of luck and end up having to replace the tile backsplash.

There are times when the gap is not enough to accommodate the new countertop thickness. For example, the original is thinner by just a quarter of an inch and thus does not have enough room to slide the new countertop under it. When this happens, we do we have to cut the tile on the wall, which is very difficult to get a perfectly straight cut. We will, of course, explain the situation and see how to proceed.

Assuming we can accomplish pulling out and putting in the countertop without breaking the backsplash at all.

If there is a larger gap, we will need to close the gap by placing spacers under the countertop. When the gap is beyond the ability of spacers, there would be a large gap. We can add an accent trim to hide the gap or leave it. This will be your decision to make.

We always strive for perfection, but about a 50/50 split between it working and replacing the whole backsplash, which is why we cover these potential problems and pick out options ahead of time so that the project does not get stalled.

One last important detail is matching the grout color. Pick up four tubes so that whatever gaps are being filled match.

Following these steps will help ensure a beautiful outcome that you love.

Kitchen with white tile backsplash

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