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How To Properly Seal Your Countertop

Tips on how to seal your countertops for lasting beauty

Let’s talk about tips on how to seal your countertops, what products to use, and easy methods to feel confident that you are not going to have any stains.

Let me start with what a sealer is and why you need it?

A sealer is a solvent that goes into the surface, penetrating it. You should be using an impregnator to penetrate the surface and to get into the pores. Plugging up the pores to maintain your countertop from staining.

A stain can occur if something on the surface stays too long unwiped, and goes into the surface and stains it. The shallower the surface stain is, the simpler it’s to remove it. Subsequently, I need to use the very best sealer. One of the best sealers that I know of is Dry-Treat STAIN PROOF. It will possibly last as long as 5 to 10 years, you need to test it.

You’re going to apply the sealant simply with a rag or a paintbrush. Then you’ll leave it long enough to soak up. Make sure to wipe it before it dries, so it doesn’t leave a haze.

Now don’t stress; if you happen to not do this.  If you let it sit too long, you may always apply another coat. The future coat will eat into the previous coat and will remove the haze up. So long as you wipe it early sufficiently with microfiber cloth the haze will go away. It’ll be streak-free! The polish will look beautiful.

Always use an impregnator sealer since you need to go into the pores and you do not want a topical that stays on the surface, that blocks the polish of the granite. You need to go into the pores, let the polish keep shiny, but in addition, provide a layer of protection. You’ll be able to always water-test your granite, which means put water on top of the surface, at any point to find out if it must be resealed, or you possibly can simply reseal every 6-12 months.

Every single countertop on the market has a unique density than another. Subsequently, some don’t have to be resealed at all. Others have to be sealed every three months. Or if you put 5 or 6 coats on at first, you could not reseal it for 10 or 15 years. The fact is you don’t have to stress. You’ll be able to water-test it and discover if you’re blocking something from going underneath or if you’re really exposed and you have to reseal.

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