Stone Finishes

Unique expression of your personality


Here's something really exciting. You have a choice of mind-blowing finishes for any countertops fabricated by Jubilee. Each selection of finish offers different properties and not only reflects light in differently, but also own your individual personality. Are you glossy? Matte? Vintage? Three of our most popular finishes include polished, brushed (also called "leathered") and honed (also called textured).

Polished Finish


Mirror-like polished finish one of our granite slabs.


Close up of Chocolate Brown polished granite slab.


Notice the reflections on this Chocolate Brown polished granite slab.
Just below see a leathered version of the same stone.

A polished finish on the stone has a glossy surface that reflects light and emphasizes the color and marking of the material. This type of finish is used on walls, furniture tops and other items, as well as floor tiles. Jubilee Company can help you choose the exact finish to meet your needs.

Brushed, Textured or Leathered Finish


The matte finish of this Chocolate Brown leathered granite slab does not reflect the lights on the ceiling above.


Here's a closeup of Chocolate Brown granite with a leathered finish. Notice that matte finish has a
low light reflectance. Compare to the polished version of the same stone in the previous section.


This image shows a beautiful brushed finish on Jubilee granite slab.


Here's another brushed finish on Delicatus Platinum granite at Jubilee.


And for good measure, here's still a leathered finish on Straus granite slab at Jubilee.


This view of the Staus Leathered granite slab shows its unique matte finish.

This exciting set of closely related finishes brings on a matte finish with unique texture in natural stone and results in an uneven "water worn" look that may remind you of tooled leather. This finish masks fingerprints well.

Honed Finish


This is Jubilee's unique honed or textured finish on a granite slab.

A honed finish is a satin smooth "vintage" surface with relatively little light reflection. Generally, a honed finish is preferred for floors, stair treads, work tables, thresholds and other locations where heavy traffic will wear off the polished finish. A honed finish may also be used on furniture tops and other surfaces.


In the reflection you can see the beautiful and different textured stone finish we put into this stone.

Flamed Finish


Flame finish is often applied to natural stone tile.

A flamed finish is a rough textured surface used frequently on granite floor tiles. High heat is used to alter surface crystals to create a faded look.

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