Granite Countertop Installation


Jubilee Company's installation team putting in a granite countertop n a newly remodled Dallas kitchen.

There’s always a right way to do any job. And an plenty of wrong ways.

When we install a granite countertop, we want the final product to be 100% flawless. Over the years we have developed an exact method to ensure that happens every time.

By the time that your granite countertops arrive at your house, there has already been a great deal of work done. Fabricatiing granite in the shop is challenging, but fabricating on the job is downright daunting. It is very difficult to "fudge" granite. The countertop sections must be cut, edged and polished to a very high degree of accuracy. This not only insures a proper fit, but keeps the installation craftsmen from having to make time consuming on-site alterations.

   Template for a corner piece is traced on the slab.
  Beautiful markings are turned to their best advantage.
  See how the colored vein now appears in the corner piece.

One of themost critical steps in your countertop project is "templating." Proper creation of a template results in perfectly cut and trimmed countertops that fit together precisely. Odd angles, curved or bowed walls, or any necessary notches are all matched to perfection. The accuracy of the template maker is highly critical and Jubilee is very fortunate to have such customer service and quality-oriented template personnel.

There’s really only once chance to get a slab of stone just right. Exact measurements are required and for this reason all cabinets have to be screwed in place so they are rock solid and completely immobile. Installation of your sink, whether above-mounted or under-mounted, is part of Jubilee's installation service. Other kitchen appliances like faucets, dishwashers or ovens can be put into place by a professional plumber after the countertop is in place.

We use stiff corrugated material that has no “play” in it. Notes are made where appliances or outlets must go. Cuts for sink, faucet, cabinets, and such are made right into the corrugated template.

A granite countertop template is basically a complete map when complete. Sections are joined using hot-melt glue so there is no “wiggle” room to get out of spec. The template is like a “casting” of the countertop area that reveals any unevenness in the walls and odd angles that always exist.

Noted on the template are explanations for overhangs, edge details and slab thickness. Cutouts for sinks and cook tops are clearly made. Backsplash placement, window openings and corners are also noted.

If a cut needs to be made in the granite countertop surface, it is labeled. Some cuts will not be made until the countertop is installed however... like faucet openings.


Here's the final result of Jubilee's expert granite slab selection, fabrication and installation.
A one-of-kind kitchen that will be the center showpiece of your home.
The corner piece above is in the corner to the left.

Due to thecritical nature of having correct fabrication, a practiced, experienced professional is your best choice for templating your countertops. Especially if your job has angles, notches or marginally out-of-square conditions. The more accurate the road map, the shorter the trip. Template in hand, our fabrication team will then create a design plan to make the best use of your stone slab, preserving beautiful veins and placing them to extract the most presentation value. In other words, each individual slab has beautiful elements designed by nature. We look for those details and design a cutting plan to place those beautiful details front and center on your countertop.

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Jubilee Company is committed to helping you through the natural stone selection process... from start to finish! If you're looking for a granite countertop in Dallas, then Jubilee is the right choice. Call (972) 529-2140 today to learn more. We stock, fabricate, and install granite countertops, tabletops, islands, and much more. If you’re building a custom home, remodeling, or renovating we offer one of DFW's largest on-site slab selections and inventories with more than 70 varieties to choose from in our 12,000 sq foot indoor slab showroom. As the manufacturer, our fabricator direct advantage includes installation by highly-skilled professionals.

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