Granite in McKinney

Jubilee Company is McKinney’s most prolific supplier and fabricator of granite and natural stone countertops. We are, after all, just down the street (US Route 380) putting our indoor showcase of 70 astonishing varieties of natural and engineered stone slabs just minutes away from wherever you are in McKinney, Texas.


Just one of dozens of granite slabs showcased in our 12,000 square foot indoor showroom minutes
away from anywhere in McKinney on Hwy 380. This slab features our beautiful "leathered" finish.


In this detail view, you can better see the "leathered" finish on this magnificent Straus natural granite slab.
Come see it in person in our indoor slabyard showroom.

McKinney describes itself as “unique by nature” and what better way to describe the scores of granite and stone countertops on display at Jubilee’s indoor slab yard? No two pieces of stone are exactly alike. And that’s why the only appropriate way to purchase granite is by doing so in person, in our 12,000 square-foot indoor showroom. Here you can see it all, not just small specimens, but entire 1,000-pound slabs used to fabricate your countertops.

Because we have so many colors, and finishes available for McKinney residents, it makes it that much easier to select a slab that will promote that “unique by nature” theme right inside your home. Whole families visit to see Jubilee’s selection (one of the largest of any area fabricator) of natural stone slabs to plan their home’s decor. Children especially love the opportunity to contribute their ideas and we are all about that. We are open on Saturday from 9 to 2 just for that reason.

Granite is the reining favorite of stone countertops due to its low-maintenance, stain-resistant qualities. But Jubilee has many other alluring selections of stone on display (in a variety of complimentary finishes) including slate, travertine, limestone, sandstone, soapstone and marble.

Texas Connection

Unlike Dallas which demolished most of its most historic and beautiful old buildings, McKinney preserved their ties with the past. As soon as you enter historic town square, a wave of delight sweeps over and you simply can’t wait to get out of your car and browse dozens of quaint store fronts.

Beautiful combinations of granite and marble facades, wrought iron, and aged brick are the touchstones that bring out McKinney’s character. After all, this nearly 160-year-old city was named for Collin McKinney, Red River district congressman for the Republic of Texas and one of five men who authored the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico. He also served as a distinguished member of the committee that drafted the Republic of Texas Constitution. That Texas connection sets McKinney apart.

In architecture, older materials bring out character because they carry forward a remembrance of the past. And talk about the timeless power of nature, virtually no granite on this planet is less than 250 million years old. Thus, in the same way that beautiful combinations of texture and aged building materials bring out the character in a city like McKinney, they also bring out the timeless quality in the very heart of McKinney home life.


This magnificient granite style is called "Gobe" and is on display today in Jubilee's
Indoor Granite Slab Yard, just down the road from McKinney.


Here is a detailed close up of the same Gobe granite slab, showing the incredible variation in pattern and color.
The brown patches almost look like pieces of toast imbedded in the stone and would befit any kitchen in McKinney.

The beautiful granite countertops provided by Jubilee are so varied that virtually no two are exactly alike making each home unique. At Jubilee, we like to think that has at least a little something to do with why McKinney has been crowned America’s fastest growing city for its size no less than 5 times in recent years. In 2014, the city was named as the #1 Best Place to Live in America by Money magazine, and has been highly rated by other periodicals including Forbes, CNN Money and more. Overall quality of life is the biggest contributing factor to the city’s reputation. And while granite countertops play only a small part in that quality, you would be hard pressed to find a single neighborhood in McKinney without one or more homes with granite countertops by Jubilee.

A City of Families

With McKinney’s current population at 155,000 souls, more than 30% are below the age of 18. Some 45% of McKinney households have children under the age of 18. Most homes feature an open layout where the kitchen is part of the general living space, and the invariable threshold between the two is a granite or other natural stone countertop.

Today, many McKinney homeowners are starting to experiment with more unique varieties of stone like Jubilees’ selection of soapstone or marble. These are all on display in our cool indoor slab yard, just minutes from any home in McKinney.


In addition to McKinney's largest selection of on-site granite slabs, Jubilee also features other natural stones
including marble, sandstone, slate, soapstone, and many more for McKinney, Texas homeowners.


This close up photograph shows the show-stopping color and contrast of our Rainforest Green
marble slab on display in our indoor slab yard and showroom in McKinney's backyard.

McKinney’s exceptional quality of life and small-town feel brings about strong community spirit. Or possibly it is the other way ‘round. Either way, the result is one of the nation’s most friendly, safe and inviting cities — a town with deep connections to Texas history featuring tree-lined parks, beautiful playgrounds, schools, libraries, community areas with the on-going construction of additional city resources to compliment McKinney’s unique personality.

While all these factors and more combine to make McKinney a truly special place in America, it is the people who bring its dynamic character to life. Their exuberance is embodied in a genial, safe and delightful city rooted in beautiful homes, strong education and prime economic health. Every granite, marble or natural stone countertop we place in McKinney homes adds a stamp of quality, permanence and enduring beauty.

Connection and Harmony

A granite countertop is not just a surface upon which to brew coffee, peel an orange or display fragrant flowers.

In McKinney nearly 50,000 children are in the process of growing up around those granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. This is where teeth are brushed, homework is done, and meals are shared. Our bathroom granite countertops see children growing year by year, from just able to peak over the top, to fully grown adult ready to move out from the nest. Our stone slabs are there for it all, 10-year old boys privately flexing their muscles, young women applying their first lipstick, fathers getting ready for work, and moms getting dressed one day to attend children’s weddings.

Through it all, our granite and natural stone countertops provide a silent but harmonious connection that is millions of years old, a connection with the earth that turns underfoot to mark the rhythm of our lives.

Granite and Marble Edges

2 cm Edges  
2 cm 3/8 Radius Waterfall 2 cm Demi Bullnose
2 cm 3/8 Radius Waterfall 2 cm Demi Bullnose
2 cm Full Bullnose 2 cm Standard Bevel
2 cm Full Bullnose 2 cm Standard Bevel
2 cm Straight Polish  
2 cm Straight Polish  
3 cm Edges
3 cm Demi Bullnose 3 cm Radius Waterfall
3 cm Demi Bullnose 3 cm Radius Waterfall
3 cm Standard Bevel 3 cm Straight Polish
3 cm Standard Bevel 3 cm Straight Polish
3 cm Full Bullnose  
3 cm Full Bullnose  
4 cm Edges  
4 cm Radius Waterfall 4 cm Demi Bullnose
4 cm Radius Waterfall 4 cm Demi Bullnose
4 cm Full Bullnose 4 cm Straight Polish
4 cm Full Bullnose 4 cm Straight Polish
4 cm Bevel  
4 cm Bevel  

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