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Rick Buff
Rick Buff, Owner of Jubilee Company with 40 years in the granite countertop business


Jubilee Company Granite Countertops: The first choice in stone

Marble counter top edge

Jubilee Company's granite countertop business was built on offering its customers many advantages that set it apart from every competitor in north Texas. Jubilee customers enjoy the benefits of in-house control of quality, service and value because we are the fabricator.

We fabricate your custom granite order in our fabrication department from patterns made on the job by our knowledgeable and experienced template makers. Since granite is a product of nature, and no pieces are identical, these in house controls are critical to a successful installation. Additionally, Jubilee employees an effective combination of automated stone fabrication coupled with hand-finished craftsmanship. Our dual mode processing assures you a timeless quality delivered with an exceptional value.

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Jubilee's granite countertops customers also benefit from our extensive network of relationships with DFW's finest natural stone distributors. This network assures our customers of a staggering number of selections of natural stone. Many customers however, consider Jubilee's on site inventory even a bigger benefit. With some 70 color selections to choose from in our new showroom and hundreds of slabs in our yard, customers can find a selection for virtually every taste or budget. Having an effective selection in our yard saves you time and expense of traveling into Dallas to select your stone.

To compliment the fabricator direct advantage of our granite department, Jubilee Company is also a certified fabricator for several selections of Engineered Quartz and Marble. Manufacturers such as Silestone, Cambria, and Zodiac have awarded Jubilee their stringent certifications. Jubilee is also recognized by leading Solid Surface Manufactures such as Corian, Wilsonart, and Staron with Fabrication Certification.



Granite and Marble: A tradition of beauty and permanence

Permanence, elegance, beauty. When you build with natural stone you are bringing something into your home that is millions and even billions of years old. Quarried from rock deposits formed over the eons, natural stone comes from all parts of the Earth: Texas, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Israel, Greece, India, Mexico, Germany, Taiwan and Turkey.

People feel more grounded in a home built with natural stone because natural stone is a connection to Mother Earth. Marble and granite are quarried as magnificent blocks weighing up to 40 tons. Cut into slabs measuring between 3/4" or 1 1/2", the faces are polished to their characteristically beautiful finish. Slabs are enclosed in sturdy crates and shipped to Jubilee Company where, like bolts of cloth, we machine the raw stone stock into any unique shape to fit your home.

Because stone is natural creation from nature, every piece is individual. Every counter, wall, floor or mantle is as unique as a fingerprint or a face. Whether you are remodeling your home or constructing a new residence or business, natural stone adds unparalleled individuality, beauty and a feeling every human being desires: connection.

Matchless charm


Granite countertops consistently top the list of the most desired material for countertops. This is due in large part to granite's durability and rich color composition.

We inventory more than thirty selections of natural granite and marble so you can select your own slab. We also maintain strong relationships with all major stone suppliers in the Dallas area to ensure you have access to literally hundreds of granite and marble selections.


  • Scratch and chip resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Wide array of colors and patterns
  • Timeless beauty with unsurpassed perceived value

Adding to the unique nature of granite, the client can hand select the slab that will best suit their project.

Vacuum hoist moving slab Picking natural stone slabs from yard
Our stone cutter moves the slab into position
using a vacuum-active hoist.
Skilled artisans create the ideal edge treatment and
polish to bring out a deep, beautiful luster.
Natural stone slab being cut Crafstman hand edging natural stone
Slabs are cut within a precise tolerance. The final product is flawless!

Granite and Marble Edges

2 cm Edges  
2 cm 3/8 Radius Waterfall 2 cm Demi Bullnose
2 cm 3/8 Radius Waterfall 2 cm Demi Bullnose
2 cm Full Bullnose 2 cm Standard Bevel
2 cm Full Bullnose 2 cm Standard Bevel
2 cm Straight Polish  
2 cm Straight Polish  
3 cm Edges
3 cm Demi Bullnose 3 cm Radius Waterfall
3 cm Demi Bullnose 3 cm Radius Waterfall
3 cm Standard Bevel 3 cm Straight Polish
3 cm Standard Bevel 3 cm Straight Polish
3 cm Full Bullnose  
3 cm Full Bullnose  
4 cm Edges  
4 cm Radius Waterfall 4 cm Demi Bullnose
4 cm Radius Waterfall 4 cm Demi Bullnose
4 cm Full Bullnose 4 cm Straight Polish
4 cm Full Bullnose 4 cm Straight Polish
4 cm Bevel  
4 cm Bevel  

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Jubilee Company manufactures beautiful granite and marble countertops in Dallas and across North Texas. We stock, fabricate, and install custom granite and marble kitchen countertops. If you’re remodeling, renovating, or building a custom home we offer one of Dallas largest selections of on-site slab inventories with hundreds of slabs in more than 70 varieties of natural stone to choose from. Our fabricator-direct advantage includes installation by highly-skilled professionals.


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Backsplash & Bathroom Tile Design Boards

Take our special tile design boards in our Tile Design Center off the wall and carry them back to our indoor slab yard for perfect visualization. With hundreds of tile styles to choose from, we can help with custom designs, too!

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom tile

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Jubilee's Price Advantage

From concept to installation, we do it all. With no middlemen to increase the cost, we pass the savings to you. And no one cares more about professional installation than the same team that produced your order.

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Jubilee provides affordable tubs, sinks and shower bases for your dream bathroom or kitchen.

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Engineered Quartz


Unlimited color selection.

Considered by some to be the best overall product of all countertop selections, engineered quartz is very popular.



Engineered Marble


Bridging the gap between nature and technology.

More impervious to moisture and resistant to scratches and stains, engineered marble is an affordable, eco-friendly, beautiful alternative to natural stone.




We highly recommend Jubilee for all of your granite countertop needs. — Chateaux Builders, LLC


Solid Surface


90% quartz plus synthetic polymers = indestructible

Considered by some to be the best overall product of all countertop selections, engineered stone is non-porous, hygienic, stain resistant, scratch resistant.